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Publication date: June 16, 2020

$34.99 - Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-940468853

xxiv + 450 pages / 14 pages of black/white photos, illustrations, and map

Publisher: White Cloud Press

Distribution: Publishers Group West/Ingram

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Allysha Lavino


About the Author

Allysha Lavino is a history geek, spiritual seeker, writer, and world traveler. Born in California to a long line of adventurers, her family encouraged her passion for history, culture, language, and spirituality. Studies in psychology taught her to apply the scientific method to reveal patterns of culture and behavior. Eager to expand her research, she moved to France, where she met Henry Lincoln, bestselling author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail and foremost expert on the mysteries of Rennes-le-Château. Lincoln immediately recognized her natural scientific approach to questions of history, and her deep understanding of the spiritual implications of his work. She quickly became his protégée, and the two have partnered to ensure his legacy continues.


Specializing in hidden history and trends of language and culture across time from pre-history through the modern era, Allysha Lavino is passionate about making ancient wisdom accessible to a modern audience. As a member of the Visionary Fiction Alliance, her work focuses on fact based fiction, allowing the reader to step into the story and experience the magic of our ancestors.


She is the founder Sacred Mystery Tours, offering unique and in-depth adventures in the South of

France for those ready to dive into the mysteries of history.

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