The Heretic  by Allysha Lavino

Praise from Henry Lincoln -

The Man Who Solved The  Mystery 

Henry Lincoln

Best-selling author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail

The Heretic rests upon a foundation of solid and provable facts.  And those facts are more amazing, more beautiful & more magical than you can imagine.  I am happy to have been part of its growing.”

Victor E. Smith

Author of The Anathemas Channel of the Grail

"Since I also write historical visionary fiction, I hope it has some weight if I rank Allysha Lavino's inaugural novel of the same genre as a stellar accomplishment in story-telling, historical research, good science, and metaphysical authenticity. "

Sheri Herndon

Spiritual Seeker & Heretic

"The novel feels like a transmission even more than a great 'novel'... historical fiction that's maybe a new kind of genre. You can tell that [Lavino] lives this. I can't wait for the next books in the series."

Margaret Duarte

Author of the Enter The Between Series

"I enjoy learning something new via an entertaining story and The Heretic provided both in spades. It’s a story meant to open the reader's eyes to new ways of understanding our world, a world stranger than we may imagine. “Stop looking,” author Allysha Lavino advises, “and learn to SEE.”"

Claire Magdalena Sierra

Conscious Adventurer

"What a page turner! Explores and expands on the myth and lore of the Languedoc in France, bringing the magic and mystery of this compelling region, with its awesome yet veiled history, into beautiful resonance. Loved it!"

Johnnie Tomo

Mystery Buff & Magic Seeker

"After 40 years I no longer refer to myself as a 'Recovering Catholic', I now find myself to be a 'Spiritual Adventurer'. Thank you for the magic Allysha, I would never have thought it possible. Keep writing."

How To Step Into Your Unique Magic & Live A Magical Life

A secret was hidden in the Languedoc of France, but this ancient wisdom has always been a deadly heresy. Cultural anthropologist Lily Ann Harper is on a quest for facts when mysterious Sir Anthony Leclair invites her to Rennes-le-Château, where she is unwittingly thrust back through history. Forced to confront her greatest fears, Lily awakens to a mystical power buried deep inside. Face to face with an age-old enemy, she must choose—embrace the magic of the ancestors and find her place in the Pattern … or lose Everything.



Real Codes Embedded in the Text

  • Secret messages hidden throughout the text for those who have eyes to See.

  • Different kinds of codes in language and number to spot and decipher.

  • A real-life mystery for YOU to solve.

    Will you play the game?

Historical Photos & Illustrations

Hardback first edition complete with photos and illustrations from the Languedoc of Southwest France so you can See the Mystery for yourself.

A New Way To Discover Ancient Wisdom

The Truth They Don't Want You To Know

(Because You'd Be Unstoppable)

Greater than any conspiracy, the ancient secret revealed in The Heretic has its base in science and spirituality, math and magic.  Buried in code, perverted by treasure-hunters, named heresy by the Catholic Church, the Truth has been all but lost ... 


... but it could forever change the way we see the world.  

How To Integrate Ancient Wisdom FAST Without Wasting Time On New-Age Mumbo Jumbo 

"Visionary Fiction embraces spiritual and esoteric wisdom, often from ancient sources, and makes it relevant for our modern life. Gems of this spiritual wisdom are brought forth in story form so that readers can experience the wisdom from within themselves. Visionary fiction emphasizes the future and envisions humanity’s transition into evolved consciousness."


Discover YOUR Courage

"Don't worry.  It's only your greatest fears you'll be facing, so you'll be familiar with them."

Trust  YOUR

Inner Voice

"It's all part of the Pattern.  Perhaps your presence here will make a difference.  Trust yourself."

Train YOUR


"If it wasn't coursing through every cell of my being with such infinite and perfect certainty, I would never have believed it."

What readers are saying about


This novel made life more delicious while I was reading it.

Kimberly La Lone

Allysha Lavino’s approach to history is both imaginative & analytical.

Lindsay Fuller

Pam Derby

The Heretic is well researched and grounded in ancient secrets that can inform us today.

Andrij Kopytko

The Heretic is an exciting journey into a little known world of magic hidden in plain sight.

Be Part Of The Magic Our Ancestors Died To Protect...

  • Ancient peoples left us clues to a great secret.

    5000-2000 BCE

  • March 16, 1244

    Cathar heretics make their last stand at Montségur.

  • The Knights Templar of France are rounded up to be tortured & burned.

    October 13, 1307

  • 1982

    Henry Lincoln, co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail digs up an ancient mystery.

  • The Da Vinci Code popularizes a mystery but misses the mark.


  • 2020

    THE HERETIC  launches midst a global pandemic with the potential to change Everything.

Be Real. Be Magical. Be You.

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